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Alta Via dei Re (Alta Via of Kings)

The Alta Via dei Re is a challenging seven-stage route that allows you to see the whole park of the Maritime Alps. The stages are often on excellent, well signposted paths, yet not lacking of more challenging stretches, such as the Colle di Brocan and the Passaggio dei Ghiacciai.
An interesting variant of the Alta Via dei Re, which is more spectacular and makes it possible to keep up to date. higher in altitude, plans to leave the official route shortly after the Colle di Valmiana (halfway through the second stage) and then rejoining again at the Colletto del Valasco (third stage), after staying at the Rifugio Questa. The suggested variant in this section follows the route of the Alta Via Alpi Mare (see below description).

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Alta Via Alpi Mare (Alta Via Alps Sea)

The Alta Via Alpi Mare is a long trekking route in 16 stages that starts to Sant' Anna di Valdieri and reaches Menton after crossing the Alps and four Nature parks.
The first three stages of the trekking constitute a beautiful crossing from Sant' Anna di Valdieri to Terme di Valdieri, with overnight stays at the Livio Bianco Refuge and at the Questa Refuge.
The return to Sant'Anna from Terme can take place by public transport or with the on-demand-shuttle service.

[Full description of the Alta Via Alpi Mare (Alta Via Alps Sea)]

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Main accessible peaks
Climbs on classic routes

You are spoilt for choice, this is one of the historic areas for climbing in the Maritime Alps. Some faces take longer to reach, but they are in the wilder areas where you are less likely to meet other climbers, the climbs are between half an hour and two and a half hours away. The descent routes are generally straightforward.
We propose some of what is on offer, see the bibliography for the full list of climbs. .
For these climbs you need pitons, nuts and friends as the protection is partial and has to be checked.

Modern climbing

There are not many partially or wholly equiped routes with bolts and belay chains. The slabs at Valasco are very interesting, with routes of various lengths and difficulties, as are Tablasses and Giegn with a couple of routes graded 6a, 6b, the west face of Claus, routes of 300-400m from grade 6b up, Paolo Cavallo's route on the south-east wall of Claus graded 5+, 6a.

Questa training walls

Several cliffs around the refuge with climbs between thirty and fifty metres protected with bolts and chains at the belay stances. There are some fifteen routes from fourth grade, by the lake, to 4+ to 6a,b, the walls at the bottom of Margiola valley and 6a,6b those facing the Préfouns valley. Detailed information available in the refuge.

Winter Snow gullies

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Ski mountaineering

The layout of the Valle Gesso, with steep slopes, logistic difficulties added to a lack of awareness in the road management make ski mountaineering a possibility only late in the season and for a period that varies from year to year. To reach Valasco vehicles almost always have to stop at Terme di Valdieri because the road is blocked by avalanche or shut by order of the authorities. In winter the road is shut at Tetti Gaina, so these outings are best undertaken in spring. At times it is better to walk up the road to Valasco in light shoes (eg trainers) which is clear of snow to then ski down the other side of the valley when the snow conditions are fit. This said, there are a number of very worthwhile, satisfying tours in a superb environment, starting from Terme di Valdieri. Some are listed here.

The refuge serves as a logistic point for the Maritime Alps crossing or for the Argentera circuit, there are several variations to this tour, we can offer advice according to needs and the seasonal conditionsI.

(photo R.Pockaj)
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